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Selling Previously Owned Volkswagens

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WHO: We sell used Volkswagen vehicles and repair Volkswagens.

Specializing in Volkswagen cars we can offer same day service
by stocking the majority of parts needed for your car. 

We don't Just repair and service Volkswagen's we own and drive them!

woodsboroautosales   301-898-9463

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Are you looking for C&F Auto sales, now know as 

Platinum Auto Service 

WOODSBORO,  MD  21798-8822  |  view map
(301) 845-0575  platinumautoSS@gmail.com    platinumautoss.com 

Ordering parts is not a daily operation. We purchase our
parts from the importers, eliminating the middleman and
saving you, the customer, money. Having the parts on hand
gets your car repaired quickly.
The part is on hand.
The car can be repaired the next business day.

WHERE: We are located in Frederick County Maryland.
48 miles west of Baltimore and Washington D.C.
13 miles north of Frederick City 4 miles north of Walkersville
5 Council Dr Right off Route 550 near Route 194

Located in the Woodsboro Industrial Park

5 Council Drive

Woodsboro MD 21798

Click here for map to find us!

WHEN: We are open Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

Service is performed
9am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday. 

Helpful information in doing business with Woodsboro Auto Sales 

301-898-9463  We are here Monday thru
Friday 8AM to 5PM
Except 6 national holidays and the
preceding/adjacent Saturday . New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

HELP US HELP YOU: When your car needs to be towed, please
bring the key to us or leave it with the car. Towing is
usually done after 7 p.m. weekdays unless it is a police
emergency. Do not leave your car blocking anyone or in the
driven portion of the road. Get the car to the shoulder or
a parking lot. Be sure to notify the local police or the
parking lot owner of your situation so it won't be towed
away as abandoned. You should also leave a note on the
dashboard with a phone number and or the phone number of
who is to tow the car to prevent impounding. Cars that sit
for more than 24 hours are more likely to be vandalized,
call us immediately. Towing rates are $60 hookup and $4.00
per mile one-way back to the shop. Call police to get us 24hr.
In Frederick County Maryland,
If your car is on a State highway call the Maryland State Police @301-644-4150
If it is on a City or County Road call the Sheriffs Dept at 301-694-1046

SCHEDULING SERVICE WORK: Please make a list of things you want done.
This should contain scheduled maintenance and symptoms of a problem.



If the needed repairs exceed what you want to spend, or you just want to get rid of it, call us at 301-898-9463 and your Volkswagen will live on being used for parts in other Volkswagens. You may leave your
VW at Woodsboro Auto Sales, with your signed title. We can also pick up your Volkswagen. Today, most old cars are taken to the salvage yard, have their fluids drained and are crushed. They go straight to the shreader to be used as new metal. The environmental impact of not recycling the parts is huge. Your car should live on, providing donor parts for the cars that are still running. Replacement parts from China are cheap, but the used parts from your old car are better for the environment. It is environmentally friendly to recycle your old Volkswagen. Call us to pick up your old Volkswagen so that it may live on helping other Volkswagens survive. click here to request pick-up

Maryland inspection requirements changed.
You can now "tag" your car with metal plates without the inspection certificate.
They will expire next month. You can drive where you like but they will not be renewed until you pass inspection. As of October 2006 if your vehicle is older than 20 years (1995) you can register your car as historic and avoid the state inspection. Even if you want to inspect the car, the temporary plate surcharge of $25 is only $2 less than the 2 year registration for historic! This gives you a lot more time to pass inspection and no expiration in 30 days.


We went "green" in 1988 when dumpster fees went up, disposal fees skyrocketed. Your old metal parts are recycled by filling a car destined for the crusher with them.
We use your old motor oil to heat our shop by burning it in a furnace designed to burn old motor oil. This eliminates charging you a disposal fee on your oil change (you will never see an Eco fee). The old filter is drained and put in a car being scrapped. So if you would like to drop off your used motor oil to keep us warm in the winter months we will be more than happy to take it ( motor oil with Anti-Freeze, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, or water mixed in it will not work in our furnace).
Cardboard, paper, plastic and glass are all recycled. We don't even have a dumpster. 


We stock our own parts cars. All cars run on used parts.
These cars are called elves. End of Life Vehicles. Bought
from insurance companies, previous owners or through donations we keep a supply of used parts to keep your used car on the road. A used part on hand can put your car
back in working order the same day. Click here for list of our parts cars. Some new parts may take days to obtain. We stock all wear items as new
parts such as brakes and wheel bearings etc.


When you have lost your car keys or have doors or trunk locks
that don't match your ignition. We can make keys and change
lock cylinders. We need a door handle or lock to obtain the
lock code. Then a key can be made. We can change a lock
cylinder to work with another key. Have us record your lock
code on your next visit . 

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Payment at time of delivery is to be cash or cashiers check from a bank made out to
Woodsboro Auto Sales Inc.


Visa Mastercard American Express or Discover accepted.


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