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Cars for sale

Baltic Blue Jetta

Manual windows, manual 5 spd transmission, 180,000 miles email vwvw4me@comcast.net for more information $old

jetta2001gas/DSC00737.JPG jetta2001gas/DSC00736.JPG jetta2001gas/DSC00735.JPG jetta2001gas/DSC00734.JPG
jetta2001gas/DSC00733.JPG jetta2001gas/DSC00732.JPG jetta2001gas/DSC00731.JPG jetta2001gas/DSC00738.JPG

1985 Vanagon 4 speed

Gold 7 passenger has power steering, electric mirrors, wv2yb0252gh094806

sold as historic email vwvw4me@comcast.net for more information

tires are bad, not road ready, project car, must tow it out 


85vanagon/DSC00059.JPG 85vanagon/DSC00058.JPG 85vanagon/DSC00057.JPG 85vanagon/DSC00056.JPG
85vanagon/DSC00055.JPG 85vanagon/DSC00054.JPG 85vanagon/DSC00053.JPG

Vanagon camper 1984

automatic, needs a paint job, interior needs to be cleaned, headgaskets have been done, project van, $sold wv2zb025xeh126984 Have 1981 air cooled camper and 1982 Diesel camper as projects, come and look.


New Beetle 1.8t

Blue with manual 5 speed transmission, 1.8t turbo gas engine, ac ps cruize


newbeetle1.8tblue/DSC00727.JPG newbeetle1.8tblue/DSC00730.JPG newbeetle1.8tblue/DSC00729.JPG newbeetle1.8tblue/DSC00728.JPG
newbeetle1.8tblue/DSC00726.JPG newbeetle1.8tblue/DSC00725.JPG newbeetle1.8tblue/DSC00724.JPG newbeetle1.8tblue/DSC00723.JPG

1987 Ford Wrecker 4x4  460 gas

52,000 miles, snow plow, no-mar wheel lift, new carb, new gas tank

email vwvw4me@comcast.net for more information

click on picture to enlarge, make offer $$

towtruck/DSC00099.JPG towtruck/DSC00098.JPG towtruck/DSC00097.JPG towtruck/DSC00096.JPG
towtruck/DSC00095.JPG towtruck/DSC00071.JPG towtruck/DSC00070.JPG towtruck/DSC00069.JPG