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Green Speed Parcel

Traveling through the postal service at the speed of green sm 

Since 2002 when the postal service started online 1st class mail parcel, shipping small parts the economical way.

The 3 x 5 inch size designed to fit in apartment mail boxes, fit through door slots, under doors, and withstand impact from other parcels in the shipping system. Unlike bubble envelopes that may not fit in the box and are not the required 3/4" thick for parcel sorting at processing facilities, the styrofoam will meet these requirements expediting transit.
Label is printed on green paper and reduced to 78% of original size. Now that only requires three pieces of tape across. You can print two labels on each piece of paper.
If you print a full size label, four pieces of tape are required and with the larger size, larger items can be inside and only one label per piece of paper. Print 2nd label on the back, coupons end up back to back.

Label Page
coupon and message

Scan Before Delivery  messages are printed in the border of the page.


Intelligent mail barcode routes parcel to its street destination, unlike hand applied label at the post office which only gets it to the proper zip code


 small parts, key, coin, baseball card, can simply be taped on top of the foam and the label goes directly over it


Rigid styrofoam prevents folding or stuffing of your parcel into your mail box. 



Larger parts, tools, sockets, wrenches, lightbulbs, bolts


Small parts embeded in the foam by melting out a pocket, these lightbulbs would be crushed and broken in a bubble envelope.
May prevent button on a remote from being pressed in transit, killing the battery before delivery.