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Mark IV New Beetle Golf Jetta Passat B4

call for appointment 301-898-9444

webassets/picturemark1vws1980.jpg where it all started in 1979

Mark will stay so you can pick your car as late as 6pm. Please call ahead if you cannot pick up your car by 5pm.

We will be closed on
Monday May 25 
Saturday July 4,
Monday September 7,



We are now called
MARK 1 Service
9633 Woodsboro Pike, PO BOX 444, Walkersville, MD 21793-0444
(301)898-9444 is now a smart phone  
Walk-in service on Saturdays 10-2 for pick up, drop off and engine scan, keys made, part sales, minor repairs.
No oil changes or anything bigger on Saturday.
Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, service is performed 9-5
One day service on most repairs with 24hr appointment. This does not include figuring out the problem,
This would apply to straight forward repairs like replacing brake rotors and pads, not getting engine lights to stay off,
Breakdown today, we will work on it tomorrow.

We do everything, install Interstate batteries, change oil, brakes, exhaust, engine light coding, motor work, clutch , transmission, used parts, new parts, whatever your daily driver needs. Windshield, tires, trim.

Map of 9633 Woodsboro Pike
Walkersville, MD
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mark1service@comcast.net click here to email

Need a car serviced that is not a Volkswagen?

Click Here for www.theshopautowerx.com for audi, mercedes, etc

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Engine Light Codes

 We have all seen the TV adds for checking your engine light code for free. Be advised that turning it off is not free. The object is to get you in their shop for a repair. Places that sell parts will often suggest parts related to the code. For example, a multiple missfire code P300 might indicate the need for new spark plugs and wires or coil pack. But a vacuum leak causes a lean condition in the motor and triggers the missfire. So after replacing $ in parts, you still have an engine light on and a problem. We specilize in VW and are aware of most odd or related defects not directly related to the "code". Another example is the TDI engine cars from 1998 to 2004 has a blinking glowplug light. Would you belive that is caused by a defective brake light switch! so replacing glow plugs, relay, etc will not fix that issue. The switch feedsback through the engine computer and causes the light to blink, The brake light switch has two functions, turns the brake lights on and signals the engine computer to reduce the fuel going to the engine to help slow the car during braking.

So you can take your chances with the auto parts stores, oil change places and transmission shops. But the better money spent is with the shops that specialize in your Volkswagen.




Diesel timing belts

By now, 2017, all older timing belts have been replaced. The replacement parts used increase the service interval to 100,000 miles. Water pump bearings fail at 115,000 to 120,000 miles and drop the timing belt causing engine damage, so it is not the belt at issue but the water pump! It is your choice, search the net for more information. Forums at

40,000 mile diesel service: oil change, cabin filter, air filter, fuel filter $299 or less.

PERFORMANCE 1998-2005 TDI motors

Want to know more? Check the forums at

Have you had problems accelerating? Will your motor not go past 4000 rpm? Then you may have a coked egr valve with deposits clogging the intake. There is now an induction cleaning service to clear the exhaust turbo of deposits and dissolve the oily chewing gum substance from the intake without taking everything apart.
Service includes 5 cans of chemicals, 2 for the exhaust and 1 for the intake. Oil additive and fuel additive. Chemical kit and service $499 includes synthetic 5w40 oil change. It will run a whole lot better. Please call for an appointment and drop your car off. No wait-on for this service.


TDI 99-02.golf/jetta IV 100,000 mile $1249 includes idler rollers serpentine belt and new (ALH & BEX motors) 038 waterpump, $1249 includes serp belt tensioner and alt slip pully
TDI 03-05 golf Jetta IV 100,000 mile $1149 includes idler rollers serpentine belt, and new 045 waterpump (BRM BEW motors)
V6 Passat 1998-2005, 100,000 mile $1275, includes belts, rollers, water pump, thermostat 
We use NEW German water pumps with metal impellers, not rebuilt, not plastic.
Why would a VW dealer or repair shop not replace the rollers and water pump when failures are common at 120,000 miles?
It is not the belt at issue, it is the supporting hardware. Severe engine damage occurs to TDI motors when the belt jumps out of time.


We now have the capability to cut and activate the 1998 to 2005 flip key with remote function for the Golf, Jetta, New Beetle and Passat. We can copy your key and activate a new key or used remote to work with your car. Have you lost all but one or did you purchase the car with only 1 key? In order to program the additional key you will need to present all keys, up to 4 can be programed to the car. The 2000 to 2005 keys must be programed by adding them to the list that the engine computer will recognize.
Programing is FREE on cars that do not have imobilzer 1993 to 2000 when you purchase keys and remotes from us. We charge $88 for programing imobilizer (2000.5 to 2005) plus the price of additional keys.   Programing can only be done here in-house, you program the car, not the key. Do not lose all of your keys.
click here for key portal


Don't let those bargain brake tv commercials sell you on the $89 brake job. First, you are not getting new rotors, 2nd, most Volkswagens after wearing out the brake pads, have worn out the rotors too. 3rd, the ability to stop has little to do with the thickness of the brake pad or rotor, but more to do with the integrity of the hydraulic system. The Master Cylinder, brake calipers, wheel cylinders, hoses and metal lines. Of which none are in that $89 bait price.

New front brake pads & two new rotors & labor:

00-04 Golf Jetta New Beetle $399 new pads and rotors
rear 00-05 golf jetta new beetle from $249 new pads

New clutch plate, disc, trans input shaft seals
TDI dual mass clutch job with flywheel $1700
this job may now exceed the value of the car