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It all starts with this... your Volkswagen key

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Classic keys for Volkswagen Cars

Below is information on keys for watercooled engine Volkswagens
Click here for sidewinder keys HAA profile
Click here for air cooled engine Volkswagens 1979 and older

Click here for Eurovan keys

The 1992 to 1999 cars may not have codes on the handles if they have been replaced.
The vehicle identification number (vin) has nothing to do with the lock code on these older models.

Only the delivering dealer would have recorded the code.

Water cooled engine Volkswagen keys that are cut the same on both sides

Convertible Rabbit "cabriolet" (golf) 1980 to 1993 is a mk1 vehicle but....

from 1980 to 1984 is uses the VB keyway (mk1) then from 1985 to 1987 it uses the HV keyway (mk2) then from 1988 to 1993 it uses the AH keyway (mk3)

Scirocco is a mk1 vehicle

from 1974 to 1984 is uses the VB keyway (mk1) then from 1985 to 1987 it uses the HV keyway (mk2) then from 1988 to 1990 it uses the AH keyway (mk3)

Volkswagen contracted with lock manufacturers to make the locks.
Some locks are Volkswagen. Others are AKS, WTO, Neiman, Huff, Hella, Ellen, Witte Velbert to mention the majority.
Those original keys may bear their mark. Those marks are not codes.


1949 to 1999 keys are cut to code, not copied, this insures that the spacing is correct and the key is back to its original form and look.
This is a standard service to cut rather than copy.
We can send you a key made from code with a copy,
stencil, or photo copy of the key we are duplicating. Please do not send megabyte picture files.


Note: someone who writes for the FOX show The Simpsons must own a Volkswagen because in the episode NABF 18 "500 Keys"  Lisa gets the locksmith to make a key from a photo of the key in the school newspaper.

If you do not have a key for the lock or have lost it,
there is a one time code-cut charge of $24 for a generic key to
make a key for a lock that does not have a key.
This key becomes your spare, or you can make more copies from it.
The code from a handle or lock cylinder is needed to make the key.
Codes are located in various places, Door handles have them on the mounting ear. You must remove the handle from the door. This is done from the outside with the door open. See pictures near the bottom of this page for locations on the locks.
email us
with your make year and type of VW for the location of the code(s). If your browser does not support an email account, the address is,

Guarantee: Most all keys cut and provided by me work properly. On occasion some keys need adjustments. On rare occasions I make a mistake and cut the key to the wrong code. Keys will be replaced. There are no refunds. We will work through the problem. The purpose is to be successful. Refunds would not be a solution. I have been doing this a long time. Key orders are usually shipped within 2 business days, often the same or next day after payment is received.
Some people have been ordering code cut keys thinking that their key is worn and that is why it does not work smoothly in the lock, this is wrong. Do not confuse cosmetic wear of your key with function. What happens is the lock is wearing out, the grooves that guide the key are worn and the key "plows" up or down and the wafers go with the key, not staying centered in the lock cylinder. So ordering a newly code cut key is not going to work better.
There are two types of key cuts. Keys that are cut the same on both sides are cut in two styles. One looks like a sine wave which is the original look and the other looks like a square wave.

Generic replacement key for Aluminum, broken or worn out keys.
Replace that old key before it becomes a problem or if you only have one key, time to get a new key and make your current key the spare. If you have questions please email me.
generic spare key, must send picture of working key
code HV VB AH N
enter code & email picture of working key

code cut keys are not "better" than the key you may currently be using, do not confuse style of cut with wear

(the keys below are not cut the same, picture is example of cut style) 


Take a picture of your key today, it may be your spare someday as a new key can be made from that photo.

Send it to the cloud or yourself. It costs you nothing, it may be priceless one day, for you.





On 1992 and older Volkswagens, check both front door handles for matching codes

ORDER FORM FOR MISSING KEY (you do not have a working key for the lock)

Lost key, Code cut generic replacement for series SE SU SV SC K L M R VB HV AH N = $24
Code examples: AH6275 62K075 SU123

A generic key (no emblem) is made for lost key situations. Confirm it works by email and you can then buy an emblem key. The reason for this is should I cut an emblem key, and it did not work, you would want a refund and we will have wasted an emblem key. Only one key is made because not all lock codes are correct. Some have had the cylinders changed, you may have read the code wrong, the code was stamped from the factory incorrectly. All of these things have occurred in the past. There are no refunds, should the key not work, the lock and non working key will need to be sent. Cylinders get changed, used locks bearing the wrong code, etc.

Back in the mid 2000's I would have you send the lock and I would make a key, but the success rate on valid codes was so high that I now send the key first (cheaper shipping, faster service)
If you have a Vanagon, enter the letter N in front of your 4 digit code for lost all keys.

Enter code in box below FOR LOST KEY

If the above paypal button does not work, use this button and you will have to email me the code or include it in a note in the payment.

If you need more than 1 key or item, please email  a PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address.  Making and cutting keys is complicated, the ability to order is not made available due the the number of REFUNDS that would have to be made. You are not purchasing a can of beans at the grocery store.
If you wish to purchase more than 1 item, please email click here to email mark1service and a Paypal invoice will be sent. There are no addtional fees. International sales require EMS shipping costs of $60 worldwide and First Class to E-del-con countries $13.50, remember that North America remotes do not work in most other European countries unless your car is from the usa market..

PAYMENT:You may pay by credit card through PayPal.  Be sure to include name address and phone numbers when sending items to me. Include one page of our email comunication.  Locks, handles etc with the key you want to work should be mailed via Priority Mail with the USPS. They provide the box. Postal service Priority Mail video tape size boxes work well. They hold 2 handles and 2 locks.  Flat rate, coast to coast will run about $8.45 . Buying a box and sending parcel post or 1st class often costs MORE than the Priority Mail flate-rate box or envelope when sending handles and locks.


Original look keys with emblem can be made from your generic key. There is no need to mail your key. Send a digital picture of your key and the door lock code. A cut to code key can be made from the image.  You must email picture .

shipping label: need to send something back or for repair?
You must print and send 1 page of our email communication with your item.
This allows me to locate our email string, your email address, our communications, etc. when the items arrive in the mail.
A PayPal invoice will be sent upon arrival for the services and items requested.

9633 WOODSBORO PIKE street delivery happens in the afternoon 
P.O. BOX 444 I pick up mail often before noon each day

Need to send me something? Do you have PayPal? Yes? to make a label with PayPal, return shipping is whatever it costs you to ship to me.

You can choose 1st class mail for parcels less than 13 oz or Priority Mail,  both with free delivery confirmation, you can choose insurance too. No standing in line at the post office, just drop it in the mailbox! Most locks weigh less than 8 oz when mailed first class in a bubble envelope. that will cost about $4.50 with PayPal shipping. If you stand in line a the post office, it will cost you MORE.  Priority Mail flat-rate envelope is $8.45 for larger items that weigh more than a pound.

DO NOT SEND KEYS IN PLAIN REGULAR ENVELOPE, contents will break out and be lost in the mail. Use bubble or padded envelope.

DO NOT SEND SIGNATURE REQUIRED OR CERTIFIED MAIL, sending to a PO box circumvents the signature requirement that they charged you $3.95 for and Certified fee of $3.95 gets you NOTHING as it is used for legal requirements to prove delivery. Everything is tracked these days and yes, anything can get lost in the postal system whether it is insured, tracked, signed for, etc. Extra services DELAY delivery. The only extra services to purchase at the counter are INSURED or TRACKING do not purchase BOTH (insured is tracked)

The charge is $24 to send generic keys requested by code only. This becomes your spare key. (you have lost your keys) confirm it works and then emblem keys can be made.

We need the lock or a key (image) as a general security precaution.
Make a photo copy of your key today, attach it to your title!
Take a picture of it and keep it on file in your computer. Keys are cut and mailed the same or next business day.
Lock work is billed through PayPal when the locks arrive. When lock work is complete. (often in just a day or two) your locks are shipped and you will receive a tracking number from PayPal. You can pay a PayPal invoice with a creditcard without joining PayPal.

*prices subject to change*



Solution Graphics


(MK3 valet $50) (classic 171 $30) (191 $50) (357 $30) (1H0 $65)

OEM key VW GOLF gti, JETTA gli 16V Corrado g60 AH MK3 oem key 357 profile AH $30


OEM LIGHTED key VW GOLF gti, JETTA gli 16V Corrado g60 AH MK3 passat b3 cabrio 1H0 lighted oem AH key ,

please email before purchase for availability,

may be out of stock



OEM KEY VOLKSWAGEN VANAGON WESTY VW CAMPER SYNCRO MV t3 25 witte vilbert OEM N key for Vanagon $50

All items are now sold uncut, supply is so low, they are now collector items

  mk3 1993 to 1999 Golf & Jetta door lock cylinder kit $59.95 comes with instructions

  flip key blade VB mk1 1974 to 1984, some type 1 and type 3 aftermarket locks, VW 411 412 buy now $15 free shipping

  flip key blade mk1 mk2 mk3 1974 to 1999 uncut $15 free shipping

   flip key blade 1988 to 1999 mk1 mk2 mk3 with AH profile, uncut $15 free shipping

  Flip key for 80-92 Vanagon T4 profile N uncut $15 free shipping

mk3 flip KEY VW GOLF JETTA PASSAT CORRADO CABRIO SCIROCCO RABBIT QUANTUM FOX AH  clean used AH flip key for 1974 to 1999 Golf,  Jetta III, not for sidewinder keys
Passat 1993 to 1997,
Cabrio 1993 to 1997

Remote does not function with these older cars, just for looks only, you will have to get your key cut

Matching instructions for the Clarion remote not pictured for the 1994 to 1999 mk3 cars. Using 2 keys, put one key in the ignition, turn the ignition on, do not start the car. Close the door, put the 2nd key in the door lock, turn the key to the unlock position and hold it until you hear the alarm horn chirp, release the key. Press any button on the remote, you should hear a chirp from the alarm horn, press button on the 2nd remote, you will hear two chirps, 3rd remote will chirp 3 times, and the 4th remote will chirp 4 times, then lock the door with the key.  Unlock the door, remove the key from the ignition, close the door and try the remote.  You can match any remote to any car. You teach the car to respond to each remote.


Vanagon sliding door handle, 4 digit code is samped into the chrome part on the square shank, handle has been removed from the door. The Vanagon profile prefix is the letter N. 

Having problems with your locks? LUBE YOUR LOCKS!
The most common problem is a dry lock, latch and handle.
Everything binds. Use Dupont Tri-flow

1993 to 1999 Golf, Jetta, Cabrio and Passat handle
Here is the location for the 4 digit code, series will be AH.
You may have to clean some grime off to find it



keys/codelocation2.JPG  keys/codelocation3.jpg  keys/codelocationvanagon.jpg

74-92,Rabbit, Golf, Jetta, Scirocco, have 2 screws, one in line with the
handle and one under the trim strip. The code may be
stamped in three places, on the front hook, the inboard trigger or the
push down lever. example HV7604 (see above pictures
you may find it like this HV7604 45/86, denotes week 45 of 1986 and is not part of the code.

vb , hv, ah, n, from 0001 thru 9282

Ignition switch code location 1968 to 1999.
You must remove cylinder by drilling a 1/8" hole , the 150K next to the hole IS NOT A CODE
10mm back from the edge of the housing, in line with the key slot (off position)
Shown here is a 72-73 housing, the 68-71 and 74-79 housings are similar.

1974 to 1999 lock cylinder type, 1972- shown  The 150K and 4 digit number are the manufacturers marks, they are not codes


 21M064 is the lock code on this 1972 to 1979 lock cylinder

letter denotes key profile 



VW sidewinder key application 1998 to 2006

This guide has been moved to the last page. More pictures, application updates.

Click here ------>


CONTACT US by clicking here to order a classic key, please include your lock code, model and a picture of your key blade pointing to the right  If you only have 1 key, you are tempting fate, order 2 new keys.  You do not have to send a  key to have a copy made.

Pay through Paypal,  Make payment to mark1vws at 

Please email for key cutting services and lost key cutting services.

4 HOUSE BILL 370 Maryland
As an automotive facility, we are exempt from locksmith licensing


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