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Eurovan keys

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Eurovan, Rialta, pop top, winabago, camper

Eurovan keys
The 1993 to 1997 eurovans do not have transponders (immobilizers) here in the usa, however some european market vans from Canada may have the immo system.

Not all 95 to 97 eurovans need a chip in the key, only European market vans

If you have a spare key that is a flat metal key, you do not have a chip, you do not need a chip key

Go to your local hardware store, tell them you have a 1996 Jetta and have a copy made from your key

If it starts the van, you only need a regular key, see www.watercooledkey.com for your choice of AH keys
If it does not start the van, you now have a hide-a-key and if the key that starts the van is lost, you can make new keys from that key.
The 1998 to 2003 do have immo systems and require the seimens rfid chip
All eurovan keys are AH profile keys just like the 1988 to 1999 volkswagen cars

lost key for 1993 to 1997 Eurovans
There are over 9000 codes. Lock codes are found on the door handle internal part called the finger, 1998 to 2003 do not have codes
emergency key 216
Flip key 7D0 does not include remote
Lighted regular Key 219H 
Remote physically modified for eurovan 753D  This does not work with vans using 2 button remote non flip key

Eurovan lost key order button
for 1993 to 2003 models without a chip. Use it to get your chip key copy cut.
You must email the 4 digit code from your door lock to mark1service@comcast.net  $20 and ships with tracking

4 digit lock code number is where the shadow is crossing the lock







2 button remote modified for 1998 to 2003 Eurovan $65.

Does not have a red panic button on the side.



These are the only items that can be ordered, send email request to mark1service@comcast.net

753D modified 2 button remote for eurovan is $65

216 Emergency key is $50 uncut 1999 to 2003

219H lighted key is $75 uncut  1999 to 2003

7D0 flip key top is $85 uncut

Activation of the chip is needed at your local VW dealer or qualified automotive locksmith, you program the Van not the key.

Have your key copy-cut at your local hardware store or locksmith. I do not cut them.



Currently, the only keys available for 1998 to 2003 eurovan are the 7D0, 219H and 216
The 753D 2 button remote connects to the 7D0 flip key (they snap together)

VW 1999 to 2003  Eurovan T4  REMOTE new 2 button keyless entry fob flip key  
Eurovan flip key with 2 button remote 2001 to 2003.
Activation needed at your VW dealer. $150
(Not for Rialta or vans with 2 button non flip key).

Put a key in the ignition and turn it on then off within 5 seconds Within 15 seconds turn the ignition back on and lock the drivers door by pushing the button down manually from the inside (you are sitting in the van with the door closed) Press the door unlock button on the remote two times within 30 seconds The remote is now matched to the van. Turn the ignition off.   

If you want multiple items, please email and a paypal invoice will be sent, thanks.