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It all starts with this... your Volkswagen key

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Vintage Keys for Volkswagen cars

Below is information on keys for aircooled engine Volkswagens
Click here for sidewinder keys HAA inner profile
Click here for water cooled engine Volkswagens 1975 to 1999 not HAA key profile

Click here for Eurovan keys

Volkswagen key overview:

Volkswagen manufactured most all of its models with a 1 key system.
The exceptions are:
(1) 1967 and older with steering column lock
(2) glove box
(3) shifter lock

Your car came with two original emblem keys made of steel. These keys were never ment to be used! You were suppose to make copies from these keys to use on a daily basis. When they became worn, broken or lost. You made new keys from the originals. 

Many Volkswagen keys look similar. The tendency is to judge the application of the key by the shape or style of the head.
This is not correct. There are many different keys with the same head. You must compare the grooves.
The grooves are referred to as the profile (keyway).

Many profiles are mirror images of themselves. Example su/sv   K/M    L/R    E/H.
Instead of designing a new profile, Volkswagen would just reverse the engineering making a mirror image keyway.

The key cuts are determined by a code. If you have an original VW emblem key the code number is on the key. If you have a generic copy the code can be found on locks and handles from 1949 to 1999. The letter in the code determines the profile (keyway).

 Be advised that there are multiple products that can be purchased below

lost keys, older are $28 and newer are $24 when you do not have a key to the car or lock

spare keys, when you do have a working key, send the code and a picture of the key, you can buy one two or three, this is not for no key situation

emblem keys can be made, include code and picture of working key



The vehicle identification number (vin) has nothing to do with the lock code on these older models.

VIN based key codes only apply to 1999 1/2 and newer Volkswagens. (98 up New Beetle & Passat)

Only the delivering dealer would have recorded the code. 

Volkswagen contracted with lock manufacturers to make the locks. 
Some locks are Volkswagen. Others are AKS, WTO, UBE, Neiman, Huff, Witte, Hella, Ellen to mention the majority.
Those original keys may bear their mark. Those marks are not codes.


Take a picture of your key today, it may be your spare someday as a new key can be made from that photo.

Send it to the cloud or yourself. It costs you nothing, it may be priceless one day, for you.

Write the number in the border of the title to the car so the next owner has the code.



1949 to 1999 keys are cut to code, not copied, this insures that the spacing is correct and the key is back to its original form and look.
This is a standard service to cut rather than copy.
We can send you a key made from code and picture of the key we are duplicating. The code is required if your key is a poor copy.
If you do not have a key for the lock or have lost it,
there is a one time code-cut charge of $24 or $28 for a generic key to
make a key for a lock that does not have a key. Keys are shipped with tracking by USPS, often sent the same day. There is no extra charge for shipping, tracking, paypal fees, etc. But please select the correct lost key form for the letter code of your lost key.
This key becomes your spare, or you can make more copies from it.
The code from a handle or lock cylinder is needed to make the key.
Codes are located in various places, Door handles have them on the mounting ear. You must remove the handle from the door. This is done from the outside with the door open. See pictures near the bottom of this page for locations on the locks.
email us
with your make year and type of VW for the location of the code(s). If your browser does not support an email account, the address is,
Numbers like 111 837 205 D are not a code, it is the part number of the handle. Number K150A is the casting number to a lock housing. Any number that has a positive relief has been cast into the housing and is the same on EVERY car. You are looking for numbers stamped INTO the metal. 
PROFILE............................GENERIC........EMBLEM ...............Letter found in code...BRASS...... OLD


GENERIC WITHOUT EMBLEM H,F,U,R,V,P..50's BLANKS.....$15 to $20 email for availability

KEY ONE SIDED, SG,D,E,F,V,Z, two sided A,T................................$20 generic.....$40 and up w/emblem
OLD KEY (ONE SIDED), SC,SE,SU,SV...............................................$16 generic......$40 and up w/emblem
67-79 KEYS (two sided different), K,L,M,R........................................$16 generic......$40 and up w/emblem
WATER COOLED CARS(same cut both sides)VB,AH,AN,HV..........$16 generic......$40 and up w/emblem

Generic keys have a $4 shipping charge per order in the USA, additional shipping charges may apply to international orders. We do not charge addtional PayPal fees for using PayPal. Please do not send multiple payments for more than one item, ask for what you want and a paypal invoice for all items requested will be sent.

Keys are mailed worldwide 

Please forward image of your key to confirm code, send only one picture of the key pointing to the right, focus is important, size is not

*International purchases of flat metal keys less than $100 ship free without tracking, $8 with tracking, all others now have a $16.50 minimum shipping charge for emblem keys with delivery confirmation to 19 countries, Paypal will require $65 EMS to track to other countries worldwide without edelcon service. 

Numbers like 111 837 205 D are not a code, it is the part number of the handle. Number K150A is the casting number to a lock housing. Any number that has a positive relief has been cast into the housing and is the same on EVERY car. You are looking for numbers stamped INTO the metal.  

Generic replacement key for Aluminum, broken or worn out keys. Replace that old key before it becomes a problem or if you only have one key, time to get a new key and make your current key the spare. If you have questions please email me.
generic spare key
code k l m r su sv sc
enter code & email picture of your working key

Can I really do this? The answer is yes, since 1982 making keys without one to copy from, using only a picture to determine the key code, providing keys for cars with lost keys. I specialize in Volkswagen keys only.

Since 1982 I have been cutting keys for the older Volkswagens. Customers would leave their car and forget to leave the key. Within minutes, I could make a key and service the car, and charge the customer for the extra key..... they were cheap back then.

Guarantee: Most all keys cut and provided by me work properly. On occasion some keys need adjustments. On rare occasions I make a mistake and cut the key to the wrong code. Keys will be replaced. There are no refunds. We will work through the problem. The purpose is to be successful. Refunds would not be a solution. I have been doing this a long time. Key orders are usually shipped within 2 business days, often the same or next day after payment is received.

SeriesKey Data
Curtis NumberFromToS code
D E F V ZV61/1/542/28/63 S52
VB HVV308/1/671986S91

Y = S51          A = S53      V = s61 s62 s63         B = S69    H = s78 s83    

62-67 beetle, rekey and match doors to ignition $29.00 per handle. The 68-79 beetle, rekey and match doors to ignition $15.00 for the first handle, $10 for 2nd handle.  Rekey ignition 72-79 to match rest of car $40. Must see older locks to quote price. Rekey 2 front doors, side door, rear hatch bus 63-67 $98 plus keys. Locks must be able to accept the same key. Different keys cannot be made to work in different locks. You may end up with all doors matched with a different ignition key. Some VWs can have the ignition lock changed to work with the existing door locks and vice-versa.

PAYMENT:You may pay by credit card through Paypal.  Be sure to include name address and phone numbers when sending items to me. Include a page of our email communication.  Locks, handles etc with the key you want to work should be mailed via Priority Mail with the USPS. They provide the box. Postal service Priority Mail video tape size boxes work well. They hold 2 handles and 2 locks. Send it insured! Flat rate, coast to coast will run about $8  . Buying a box and sending parcel post often costs MORE than the Priority Mail flate-rate box or envelope and will take longer as it forces ground transportation (surface).



Wrap items in Priority Mail Tyvek envelope and then put in a paper Flat-Rate Priority Mail envelope for $8 online at



Dont send loose items in plain paper envelopes, article bounces around and tears the envelope open, exit wound

Someone sent me a door handle in a flat rate envelope, no padding, no packing, just loose, only the envelope arrived.

This person paid for the "parcel" rate, but the postal service machine processed the envelope anyway, and lost the key.




Original look keys with emblem can be made from your generic key. To make a key, send a picture of your key. There is no need to send the key itself.
See link below to use your paypal account for shipping locks and handles.
Photo copy both sides of the key and write down the code. You may
email picture, send only one picture of key pointing to the right and or with the code side .

Shipping Label:
Do you need to send something for repair?
You must print and send 1 page of our email communication with your item.
This allows me to locate our email string, your email address, our communications, etc. when the items arrive in the mail.
A PayPal invoice will be sent upon arrival of your locks for the services and items requested.

9633 WOODSBORO PIKE street delivery does not happen until late afternoon for mail, ups is in the am, fedex, who knows
P.O. BOX 444 I pick up box mail often before noon

Need to send me something? Do you have PayPal? Yes? to make a label with PayPal through shipstation, return shipping is whatever it costs you to ship to me.

You can choose 1st class mail for parcels less than 16 oz or Priority Mail,  both with free delivery confirmation and tracking, you can choose insurance too. No standing in line at the post office, just drop it in the mailbox! Most small locks are 8oz or less when mailed first class in a bubble envelope. that will cost about $5.00 with PayPal shipping. If you stand in line a the post office, it will cost you more.  Priority Mail flat-rate envelope is $9.95 for larger items that weigh more than a pound. You can send 2 door handles and a lock in a flat-rate envelope. Wrap in Tyvek or plastic bag, then stuff into envelope. It does not have to be flat to be flat-rate.

DO NOT SEND KEYS IN PLAIN REGULAR ENVELOPE, contents will break out and be lost in the mail. Use bubble or padded envelope.

DO NOT SEND SIGNATURE REQUIRED OR CERTIFIED MAIL for and Certified fee of $4.15 gets you NOTHING as it is used for legal requirements to prove delivery. Everything is tracked these days and yes, anything can get lost in the postal system whether it is insured, tracked, signed for, etc. Extra services DELAY delivery. The only extra services to purchase at the counter are INSURED or  TRACKING do not purchase BOTH (insured is tracked)

We charge $24/$28 to send generic keys requested by code only. This becomes your spare key. (you have lost your keys)

We do not make emblem keys without a picture to confirm the cut. Should the key not work, we have wasted an emblem key.

We need the lock or a key (image) as a general security precaution.
Make a photo copy of your key today, attach it to your title!
Take a picture of it and keep it on file in your computer. Keys are cut and mailed same day.
Lock work is done within a few days of paying your PayPal invoice. (often in just a day or two). 

*prices subject to change*

It is well advised on the 1966 to 1979 Beetle, type III, and Karmann Ghia to check BOTH door handles for matching codes since they are so easy to remove. Pay attention which handle has which code if they are different. There is a high probability of success if both codes match. If you want to compare on the Bus and Thing it is not a must. On the 68-74 bus, the sliding door handle is the easiest lock to obtain a code from (75 to 79 on the lock for the sliding door), on the Thing, the engine lid lock is suppose to match and it has a code on it. 

Ideally you would have a key, and both door handles have matching codes.

When you have a key, and the handles do not match, I can decode the picture and determine the correct key code.

When you do not have a key, the purpose is not to have to remove the ignition switch to get the code, this is a highly intrusive way to obtain the code, especially on 1968 to 1971 cars,  you will probably damage the turn signal switch, you will have to cut sheath on wire harness, pull wiring, wrecking a probably good, maybe original turn signal switch, and the new ones are junk, but that may be the end result, so lets do everything else to avoid ignition cylinder removal.

I send the key with the highest possible probability, if it does not work, I will mail the 2nd possible key at no charge, if that does not work, the ignition is coming out

Sometimes looking at the handles and doors can determine the “original” parts to the car, and go with that code

For example, you can tell that the drivers door has been painted and was a different color, then that handle probably went to that door and another car

Or overspray on a handle shows a different color so it is from a different car, may be a different code

If you have a VW and the door handles do not match or the ignition switch is a different key. You may want to consider recoding the different lock to match the key that works the other locks. For example if you have a 1974 Beetle and the doors match, the codes are correctly marked on the handles, you may want to have your ignition switch re-coded to match the doors. Then you only have one key and you are not spending money x2 for keys to the car. If you have one door handle that is different, it costs less that the price of an emblem key to change the lock to work. Keep in mind that the locks must accept the same type of key, having the same keyway. If you have an aftermarket ignition switch often using a newer VW key profile, this cannot be done.

General prices are $40 to recode an ignition switch, (except security locks)

$15 for phillips screw type door handles (68-79 type 1), water cooled cars 74 to 99 (excluding some models)

$29 for pin type or micro screw door handles(61 to 67 type 1, Bus 65 to 79).




(this is NOT the form for broken keys or spare keys)

Lost key, Code cut generic replacement for series SE SU SV SC K L M R VB HV AH N = $24 price includes shipping worldwide, enter a valid code and key ships same or next day

Numbers like 111 837 205 D are not a code, it is the part number of the handle. Number K150A is the casting number to a lock housing. Any number that has a positive relief has been cast into the housing and is the same on EVERY car. You are looking for numbers stamped INTO the metal.

A generic key (no emblem) is made for missing key situations. Confirm it works by email and you can then order an emblem key. The reason for this is should I cut an emblem key, and it did not work, you would want a refund and we will have wasted an emblem key. Only one key is made because not all lock codes are correct. Some have had the cylinders changed, you may have read the code wrong, the code was stamped from the factory incorrectly. All of these things have occurred in the past. Only one key is made until there is proof it works.

There are no refunds, should the key not work, the lock and non working key will need to be sent. Cylinders get changed, used locks bearing the wrong code, etc. To head off this problem, check both door handles for matching codes and send pictures of each keyhole to identify the lock if the codes do not match.

Back in the early 2000's I would have you send the lock and I would make a key, but the success rate on valid codes was so high that I now send the key first (cheaper shipping, faster service)

Missing key, Code cut generic replacement for series SE SU SV SC K L M R VB HV AH N
= $24 price includes shipping worldwide, enter a valid code and key ships same or next day.
Enter code in box below

You must mouse over to see code entered in the payment screen

Keys are shipped with tracking by USPS, often sent the same day. There is no extra charge for shipping, tracking, paypal fees, etc.

Numbers like 111 837 205 D are not a code, it is the part number of the handle. Number K150A is the casting number to a lock housing. Any number that has a positive relief has been cast into the housing and is the same on EVERY car. You are looking for numbers stamped INTO the metal.

Lost key, Code cut generic replacement for series SG T A D E F V Z H
= $28 price includes shipping worldwide

Enter code in box below

If your browser will not work in entering the code in the above paypal button, use this one. You will have to email me the code. This is for keys $24 like above

If your browser will not work in entering the code in the above paypal button, use this one. You will have to email me the code. This button is for lost keys costing $28 as above.

If you need keys like O, P and Y, please email for quote and availability

Email or fax a picture of your key to order a key cut by code. Only one picture is needed of the key. Pictures of anything but the code or cut is usless.

If you need more than 1 key, please click here to email mark1

Items are shipped with tracking by USPS, often sent the same day. There is no extra charge for shipping, tracking, paypal fees, etc.

keys/vintageemblemkey.jpg  emblem key, uncut, shipped  $25

su sv sc t a sg K L limited avalability

keys/vintageemblemkey.jpg Emblem key, cut to code and picture, $39.99

limited availability, please email code and picture before purchase

k l su sv sc sg t a  


  gas cap keys for many locking caps

 used Super Beetle 1974-1979 glove box lock with 2 new emblem keys, $out of stock

  P key, 1 per purchase 1951 1952 $20

  2 of SG key generic uncut $12 keys may differ in looks from picture

 keys/mk3flipah.jpg  Clean used AH flip key 1988 to 1999 Corrado, Golf & Jetta, Passat 1993 to 1997, Cabrio 1993 to 1999 $75.00

(remote does not function with these cars)


Codes and where to find them.
 If you do not have the original emblem key that came with the car bearing the key code,
the key code for 68>79 Beetles, Karmann Ghia, Type III, can be found on the outside door handle, open the door, remove the
phillips screw behind the door seal in line with the handle, to remove the handle, slide it
forward and out, the code is on the ear with the screw hole, see picture below
when you have a lost key, check both handles for matching codes, then the probability is very high that the ignition is the same code
Should you have 2 different codes, email me.  Below are the code ranges for the models.

1967 to 1970  beetle ghia type 3            11K001 thru 72K110                                  bus 1967 to 1970                        11L001 thru 72L110
1971 to 1979  beetle ghia type 3            11M001 thru 72M110                                 bus  & Thing  1971 to 1979          11R001 thru 72R110
1972 to 1974  type 4   411 412               VB0001 to VB7066


Key code for 1967 and older beetles can be found on the outside door handle, open the door,

remove the 2 phillips screws behind the door seal in line with the handle, move the handle
forward and out, the code is on the lock button retainer, the not chrome part,
example code for 1961 should be sv123, check both handles and ignition switch for matching
sg, sc 001 thru 240 su, sv 001 thru 630 se 1 thru 750

The 1967 and older ignition switch will have the code on the ear touching the
body where the mounting screw is. Unscrew the screw from under the
dash, go into the trunk and turn the switch up to see the code, it may be
rusty or dirty and you may have to clean it.
68-79 bus: the easiest place to find a code is the sliding door lock. Same for 80-92 Vanagon. 
68-73 has the key in the handle. The handle is removed by a screw behind
the door panel in line with the handle where it pivots. The code number is stamped on the square shank,
example 23L046. You may have to clean some grime to see it. Same for Vanagon example 6275, the profile letter N is not with the number
Doors with key cylinder next to the handle, you will have to remove the
door panel and unscrew the latch to gain access to the screw holding the cylinder.
The code is on the side of the cylinder.
The front door handles have the code on the finger that moves the lock up and down, it is poorly stamped
and sometimes difficult to read. You will have to remove the door panel, allen screws hold the handle on.
The rear hatch also has the code on the finger that moves the latch. Three screws hold it on. They are often very tight.

Ignition switch code location 1968 to 1999.
You must remove cylinder by drilling a 1/8" hole
10mm back from the edge of the housing, in line with the key slot (off position)
Shown here is a 72-73 housing, the 68-71 and 74-79 housings are similar.

Some housings have a factory hole (72-79), some housings have been drilled


Black thing in the hole is the spring tab that releases the cylinder


1972 to 1988 lock cylinder type is shown with M  code

1974 to 1979 Bus sliding door lock cylinder code location


1966 1967 Beetle door handle code location, 2 screw remove handle from the oustide




Ignition switches found on 1967 and older Volkswagens


Examples of 1969 bus locks, see the codes?

codes all read left to right 2 digits the letter L and 3 more digits

71 to 79 bus will have the letter R

sliding door, hatch, engine lid front door handle (code is on the tip, stamped very poorly 25L048)



VW sidewinder key application 1998 to 2006

This guide has been moved to the last page. More pictures, application updates.

Click here ------>

CONTACT US by clicking here to order a key, please include your lock code, model and a picture of your key blade pointing to the right  If you only have 1 key, you are tempting fate, order 2 new keys. You do not have to send a  key to make a copy. vintage keys are made using the lock code and a picture to confirm the cuts.

Pay through Paypal Make payment to mark1service at 



4 HOUSE BILL 370 Maryland
As an automotive facility, we are exempt from locksmith licensing